Toronto's Manifesto Gets Koffee, TOBi for 2020 Livestream Edition

The 12-hour event will also feature LU KALA, Dijah SB, Osé and much more
Toronto's Manifesto Gets Koffee, TOBi for 2020 Livestream Edition
Toronto's long-running and much-loved Manifesto won't be able to happen IRL this year due to COVID-19, but organizers are helping fill that void with an upcoming livestream event — which will run for an impressive 12 hours.

On August 29, the festival will host its 14th edition virtually with an array of notable acts. This includes Koffee and TOBi, who will be streaming live from Toronto's Great Hall.

Other acts lined up include LU KALA, Dijah SB and Osé, with Manifesto 14 being hosted by Sashagai Ruddock. 

In addition to the livestreamed concert event, Manifesto 14 will also be include a multidisciplinary arts lineup that includes dance, comedy and visual arts showcases; film screenings; cyphers/spoken word performances; mindful movement/yoga sessions; and a DJ after-party featuring Nino Brown, Dre Ngozi, Junia-T and Young Teesh. 

Manifesto 14 also finds the event partnering up with the likes of Manifesto Jamaica, Indigeneyez, Honey Jam, the UnObscured, RISE, Afrowave, Urban Arts, Jane Street Speaks, NIA Centre for the Arts, the Remix Project, Anasimone Show and New Leaf Yoga.

You can watch Manifesto 14 here, where you can also get more info about the event.