Toronto's Little Kid Sign to Solitaire Recordings for New Album

Stream "Thief on the Cross" and "Losing" from 'Transfiguration Highway'
Toronto's Little Kid Sign to Solitaire Recordings for New Album
Having self-released five full-length albums over decade of music-making, Little Kid — the Toronto-based outfit led by songwriter Kenny Boothby — have announced their signing to Solitaire Recordings ahead of releasing a sixth LP.

The band have shared new song "Thief on the Cross" alongside the announcement. YouTube description data points to the track appearing on an album titled Transfiguration Highway, and while it has yet to receive a release date, a tracklist can be found per a press release below.

UPDATE (5/13, 12 p.m. ET): Transfiguration Highway has now been fit with a release date of July 3. You can also hear the new track "Losing" at the bottom of the page.

"Thief on the Cross" finds Boothby twisting the Biblical allusion to poke fun at jealousy within music communities, as he sings, "praying you'll remember me / when you finally reach / the entrance to eternity / I played in that old three piece / we opened for thee / way back in 2015."

"The song is about certain bands finding success while others don't," Boothby explained in a statement. "Feelings of jealousy that might sprout from that, some perceived obligations for more successful bands to help out the newer ones, the awkwardness that can come from shifts in those power dynamics… but it's definitely very tongue in cheek. I'm kind of poking fun at myself a bit, kinda praying some bands we have played with will somehow take us along with them to the promised land as they gain more success and exposure."

Little Kid's most recent full length, Might As Well With My Soul, arrived in 2018. Last year, Boothby launched Botched Restorations, a custom cassette project that allowed listeners to pick 10 Little Kid songs the bandleader would then record to tape.

Transfiguration Highway:

1. I Thought That You'd Been Raptured
2. What's In A Name
3. Transfiguration Highway
4. Thief On The Cross
5. All Night (Golden Ring)
6. Candle Out
7. Made For Each Other
8. Close Enough To Kill
9. Losing
10. Gill
11. Pry