Microtonal Rock Duo Body Breaks Announce 'Bad Trouble' LP

Check out the video for lead single "Between the Heart and the Mind"
Microtonal Rock Duo Body Breaks Announce 'Bad Trouble' LP
Two Canadian underground scene lifers, Toronto's Julie Reich (Bile Sister, Chandra) and Montreal's Matt LeGroulx (EXPWY, Galaxius Mons), have joined up to form Body Breaks. The newly formed duo will release their debut album, Bad Trouble, on June 18 through recently launched label We Are Time.

The duo write microtonal rock — that is, with instruments that use more notes than the usual 12 in Western music. Even if the rock band instrumentation draws on familiar-sounding pop and post-punk influences, the scales make it sound very different.

"Initially, I was trying to tune my guitar to Balinese gamelan scales," LeGroulx said in a statement. "I quickly came to realize those tunings sounded very normal and beautiful to me. I finally settled on quarter tone — a subset of microtonal music — because it seemed to me that no matter how much I heard, it never sounded in tune." LeGroulx composed the music on Bad Trouble, and Reich finished off the songs with lyrics and vocals.

For a taste of the duo's weird, wonky rock, check out the video for opening track "Between the Heart and the Mind" below. It takes viewers on a beautiful day in the backwoods and was shot and edited by Natalie Logan.

Bad Trouble is available to pre-order on Bandcamp.

Bad Trouble:

1. Between the Heart and the Mind
2. Work for the Man
3. Reality
4. Bad Trouble
5. Anthem for Artists
6. Generation Y
7. Eyes to Brightness
8. Break the Icons Down