Helado Negro "Relatives" (video)

Helado Negro 'Relatives' (video)
Helado Negro's (aka Roberto Lange) new Invisible Life is his first LP to have him singing in English, but he's not the only vocalist on the set. Album track "Relatives" also has Bear in Heaven's Jon Philpot on the mic, and the men share screen time in the track's new video.

While the video for the low-key electro-soul number is flooded with seemingly unrelated visuals, from a white balloon floating to clippings of ancient magazine advertisements, the clip keeps coming back to multi-layered shots of the pair singing to each other.

You can peep the tuneful duet down below.

As previously reported, Helado Negro has some upcoming North American dates with Javelin, including a stop in Vancouver, and an upcoming stop in Masonville, QC, as part of the Owl's Head Festival. You can check the dates out here.