​Hamilton Leithauser Gets Maggie Rogers to Tease New Song "Isabella"

​Hamilton Leithauser Gets Maggie Rogers to Tease New Song 'Isabella'
Former Walkmen frontman Hamilton Leithauser is previewing another track from his upcoming solo album, and the teaser features another famous friend. This time, it's Maggie Rogers who steps in to introduce the new tune.
She serves as Leithauser's hairdresser for some reason, and he plays her his new song "Isabella." As she starts trimming his hair, Rogers says she's going to give him a Pete Wentz-inspired cut.
The pair then work out that Rogers was only six years old when Leithauser released his first record, and he never quite recovers from that.
Watch the latest teaser below.
Leithauser previously teased "Here They Come" with a video in which Ethan Hawke beats him up.

As previously reported, Leithauser is heading out on a North American tour, and you can see the upcoming dates here. His solo album is still without a firm release date.