Half Moon Run's Dylan Phillips Announces Debut Solo EP 'Undercurrents'

Listen to his new single "Candle Eyes"
Half Moon Run's Dylan Phillips Announces Debut Solo EP 'Undercurrents'
Half Moon Run multi-instrumentalist Dylan Phillips has announced plans for his debut solo record. His debut EP is titled Undercurrents, and today we have the first taste with his new instrumental single, "Candle Eyes." The record arrives in full on August 21 via Crystal Math.

Phillips's forthcoming release — recorded in Bath, ON, at the Bathouse Studio — will feature five tracks' worth of his improvisational piano works. Having first been featured on Half Moon Run's Sun Leads Me On, the artist's neoclassical instrumental skills take centre stage on his new record.

Phillips explained further in a statement:

Playing the piano has always been my primary source of therapy and truth. In many ways, these pieces are a sort of meditation on thoughts and feelings I wouldn't have known how to express otherwise. The writing process is often improvisational in nature, though it did take a lot to shape the ideas into a more finished form. It was never my intention to release these into the world, but with the help of a whole lot of support and encouragement from my close friends and family, I decided to take the leap into bringing this music beyond the safety of my own home.

Today, you can hear the record's lead single "Candle Eyes," a song partially inspired by the arctic footage of French cinematographer Hugo Perrin. Watch the accompanying video for "Candle Eyes" below, where you'll also find the forthcoming record's tracklisting.


1. Cycles
2. Swim With Me
3. Undercurrents (Original Solo Piano Version)
4. Candle Eyes
5. Lullabye