Ghostwrite Your Own Drake Lyrics with This AI Generator

AI Drake is all about getting in *your* feelings
Ghostwrite Your Own Drake Lyrics with This AI Generator
Did neither Her Loss nor Honestly, Nevermind do it for you? Is necklace of engagement rings-clad, luxury potty-gifting Drake just not feeling relatable these days? You're not alone.

In fact, some have gone to rather extreme lengths to get some Drizzy tunes that cater more to their personal tastes, with music studio founders Stefán Heinrich Henriquez and Akiva Bamberger creating — an AI generator that can turn anything into a Drake song.

In just about a minute, the program can create a Drake-esque song based on any words you input. You can also roll the dice to generate random ideas that you might ask for some 6ix God bars on, such as "a magpie that dreams of being a rap star and all the obstacles it faces" or "a dog taking a cruise for a vacation to the Bahamas." Perhaps you'd like to know AI Drake's take on your favourite Canadian music publication!
@exclaimdotca We will accept any songs written about us AI or not, just saying #drake #cancon #AI #canadianmusic #drizzy ♬ original sound - Exclaim!
If you're still unsure where to start, many Twitter users have been sharing the automated results of their ghostwriting sessions, covering topics ranging from treasure-hunting turtles, fiscal woes and a Shabbat reading list. Get some inspiration below.
On the darker, less meme-worthy side of AI-generated music, Nick Cave recently condemned ChatGPT's lyrics modelled after him.