E-Saggila My World My Way

E-Saggila My World My Way
Toronto's favourite electro-basher is back, this time slinging gabber-soused techno for Sweden's Northern Electronics label.  With each release, E-Saggila, born Rita Mikhael, goes deeper and pummels harder, but with My World My Way, the producer is exploring spaces that are both darker and more introspective.
The LP launches with two bangers in succession. First up is the ear-shattering "Aziza," which begins in a curiously sample-delic mode before the jackhammers are unleashed. The quieter thump of "Crimson Liquescence" is sinister, evoking proto-industrial noise-mongers Throbbing Gristle with its slithery electronic crackling and buzzing.
"Stars Dying in Succession" is as close to an ambient piece that Mikhael has offered so far, laced with a Roly Porter-esque gush of noise, but there's a synth melody pervading the piece that is downright gorgeous, almost tear-jerking. The brooding "Alia" features the Chicago-based beat-driller Thoom. Its gloomy pace is juxtaposed against screamed vocals to create a frightening atmosphere.
Things get hairy again with "Pattern Obligation," as Mikhael lays down a hammer drill assault over vocal samples and a sneakily dissolving melody. "My World My Way" is a high-speed gabber blow-out, buffeted by thick gusts of noise and melody, ultimately becoming a cyclone of controlled chaos.
My World My Way closes with "One Last Midnight"; the sense of finality is overwhelming as cascading melodies are layered over a deep bass throb and glassy percussive stabs. An almost robotic voice is warped by radio static until a slowed down ringtone cuts the proceedings short. The ending, albeit abrupt, is satisfying — the perfect denouement to a deeply introspective song cycle. (Northern Electronics)