The Coup "The Magic Clap" (video)

The Coup 'The Magic Clap' (video)
Hailing from Oakland, long-running political hip-hop outfit the Coup are set to return with their first album in six years when Sorry to Bother You arrives on October 30 via Anti-.

Today (August 30), they've revealed the new video for "The Magic Clap" via Rolling Stone, and it tells a story that hits close to home for MC Boots Riley. It's apparently based on a time when Riley was apprehended by the FBI, tortured and later saved by bandmate Pam the Funkstress.

Speaking about the track itself, Riley explains: "The lyrics of this song reflect my desire to not simply write clever lyrics, but to write songs filled with passion."

He also added, "Everyone who watches this gets a free imaginary high five from me," so you better check out the video below.