The Coup The Best Coup DVD Ever

Amidst the endless militant cries to "put your fist in the air” that seem to run so hand-in-hand with your average hip-hop revue, Coup MC Boots Riley is one of the few artists in the game with a set of political convictions complete enough to warrant the call. The Best Coup DVD Ever explains why, giving you not only the A to Z of the duo’s career history but also an eye-opening concert doc that conveys far more of what the group’s about than any four-minute music video ever could. Shot by Riley and entitled "Eating Forever,” the footage revolves around a recent South African hip-hop event featuring Talib Kweli, Jeru, Dead Prez, and Black Thought, along with a slew of SA crews and MCs, and displays the varying perspectives amongst the youth towards political change amid endless streams of top-notch freestyling. Add to that an autobiographical group interview and all seven Coup videos and, if you weren’t sold about the group before, this collection will at least give you reason to pause. (MVD)