Close Talker TD Mainstage, Saskatoon SK, July 3

Close Talker TD Mainstage, Saskatoon SK, July 3
Photo: Alexandria Pavelich
It was the first time on the festival mainstage for these local darlings, but judging by their performance, it won't be the last.
"We've always kinda grown up coming here to see people play, so it's really great to be up here," said lead singer Will Quiring.
The band were magnetic. A crowd started swelling up front before they even took the stage — no small feat considering many other acts have played early on the mainstage of this festival to pretty thin crowds. Those who weren't on the floor swaying lay in the grass dreamily.
Saskatoon loves this band, and it's no wonder. Close Talker delivered a flawless performance. This young four-piece play like a crew of seasoned rockers. They deftly made their way through a selection of songs from their two releases, 2013's Timbers and last year's Flux — a nice balance of anthemic rock with soaring harmonies and spacey, melodic breakdowns.
With the talent and trajectory of this band they could be headlining this stage before long.