Charlotte Day Wilson Up Here, Sudbury ON, August 19

Charlotte Day Wilson Up Here, Sudbury ON, August 19
Photo: Lindsay Duncan
After expressing her appreciation for the venue's upright piano, a handful of songs into her set, Charlotte Day Wilson left her mark at centre stage, pulled up a seat on the bench and breathed new life into Stone Woman cut "Funeral," replacing the song's gloomy synth keys with something more immediate before picking up a sax in the coda to rip a cool solo — just a taste of the versatility she'd go onto display in the back end of her set.
After polling the audience on their cover preferences — Dolly Parton or Erykah Badu — she returned to the bench for an abridged take on Badu's "Out My Mind, Just in Time," ably navigating her way into the song's hook after some brief improvisatory searching, her smoky take on Badu's vocal packing a new element of stoicism before she paused to produce the moment while her fingers did their magic, requesting the house "turn the lights down — and, like, yellow" before the band came in, pushing Wilson's playing into a looser place.
When the audience called her back for an encore after closing out the set with CDW selections "Find You" and "Work,"  she pleased all the Parton fans in the crowd with a cover of "Here You Come Again," her smouldering sending Parton's glitzy crossover out on a cloudy drift.