Charlotte Day Wilson Fort York, Toronto ON, June 5

Charlotte Day Wilson Fort York, Toronto ON, June 5
Photo: Shane Parent
"I feel a lot of people don't write slow music these days," Charlotte Day Wilson commented during her afternoon Field Trip set.
As a talent within Toronto's burgeoning alt-R&B scene who is undoubtedly poised for a bigger break, her slower songs were the perfect complement to the lazy Sunday. Though her set largely drew on new songs (she assured the crowd they would be released soon), the way in which her voice effortlessly glided within scales throughout her soulful storytelling was nothing short of stunning.
Of course, Wilson also admitted that sometimes the pace needed to be picked up, and band mates Nick Nausbaum and Duncan Hood were equal to the task in setting aside gentle jazz keys and precise drumming, respectively, for the late-night groove of "After All." Not only impressive as a vocalist, Wilson also showed off her chops with a few other instruments during the set, laying down steady bass lines, tastefully plucked guitar chords and even an alto sax solo.
A highlight of the afternoon's set was a moving performance of her recent single "Work," complete with gang vocals and powerful key change that saw her step higher outside of her vocal range, akin to a gospel singer. Without a doubt, the world will know the gospel of Charlotte Day Wilson soon enough.