Carnifex Dead in My Arms

Filled to the brim with cavernous growls, heavy distorted guitars, metal squeals and vast bass-driven rhythms, Carnifex have created Dead In My Arms, an album that shows why the genre is called death metal. "Slit Wrist Saviours” introduces this band with vigorous speed and a heavy sound that will either offend or attract newcomers. Their hardcore influence comes through on many tracks, especially when the drums hit the ultra-quick tapping and then transition to a lull before a sludge-infested, churning breakdown. Their music style never attempts anything unconventional, as far as death metal or hardcore goes. Carnifex have found a wonderful combination of fast-paced, violent music that demonstrates how much effort went into this debut. "A Winter Remorse” features the guitars pulling off angular, detuned mayhem that’s met by equally vicious drumming, knee buckling bass lines and vocals that emit the stench of curdled blood. If anything, each track leaves you feeling a little bruised up. It’s not very often a band start off with everything clicking in the right places. (Uprising)