Buck 65 Boyce Farmers Market, Fredericton NB, January 24

Buck 65 Boyce Farmers Market, Fredericton NB, January 24
Photo: Bianca Gordon
Buck 65 is well-known as one of Canada's hardest working hip-hop artists; the rural Nova Scotia born-and-bred artist has played all over Atlantic Canada for decades and comes with high expectations. This was especially true on the final and severe winter weather-featuring night of Shivering Songs, across town from a recently concluded Owen Pallett/Peter Broderick show and following pop-rock driven opening sets from Toronto's Zeus and Halifax's Walrus. Following a weekend of mostly calm shows at the beautiful, quaint, and cozy Wilmot United Church, everybody was ready to let loose. The audience worked hard to get there and Buck 65 was ready to surpass and replenish their collective energies.
Following a year of highs and lows that included the release of his divorce-themed 16th album Neverlove, the look-on-the-bright-side MC kicked off 2015 by delivering all the quirky hits his fans come to expect, this time with Maya Killtron stacking his deck. The cathartic process of recording and releasing the album has left Terfry seemingly unscathed and in good spirits.
"Let's get to work," the self-described bona fide weirdo exclaimed with an equal mix of nonchalance and enthusiasm, before launching into a nearly 90-minute barrage that included rolled-up sleeves by the time he reached "Laundromat Boogie" only three songs in. Any funk remaining from his personal life has been shaken off by his erratic dance moves; Mr. Richard Terfry always delivers.

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