Arcade Fire Debut New Song "Generation A" on Stephen Colbert's Election Night Special

Arcade Fire Debut New Song 'Generation A' on Stephen Colbert's Election Night Special
After many months of talk about new Arcade Fire material, finally that wait has come to an end. During Stephen Colbert's Election Night 2020 broadcast last night (November 3), the band performed a brand new song titled "Generation A."

"Inspired by the current climate of the country with a hopeful message to the youths," as Colbert describes it, the song was naturally introduced by a tiny young human. In line with the events of last evening's American election, the song is a politically charged anthem calling for change.

"They say wait a little longer / And the times are gonna change / They say wait until tomorrow / Yesterday is always strange / They say wait until you're older / And you will understand / They say the generation's coming / But I don't think they understand that I am not a patient man," Win Butler sang at the top of the track.

The song has yet to be attached to a specific project, but it may be included in one of the "two or three" albums the band are projected to release sometime next year. 

Watch their performance below.