Alex Porat Rejects a Clingy Guy on "girlfriend"

Hear the latest single from the Canadian pop artist
Alex Porat Rejects a Clingy Guy on 'girlfriend'
Toronto pop star in the making Alex Porat has released her latest single. Listen to "girlfriend" now.

Featuring a palette of raw guitar arpeggios and glossy electronic beats, the song rebuffs a clingy lover. "Why you calling me your girlfriend?" Porat asks during the R&B-tinged chorus, criticizing the prospective partner for making "16 missed calls" and "[telling] your friends that you're wifed up." Ultimately, Porat sings that "it's never gonna happen."

She told Complex, "I always found it so annoying how guys could get away with doing the most relationship-like things and act like a boyfriend, but then turn around and say that they're not in a relationship. So this time I wanted to flip that perspective, and this is my take."

As rejections go, this one is exceptionally catchy. Check out the lyric video, which uses WordPad and Microsoft Paint in a very '90s-looking Windows desktop, below.