AJJ Announce New Album 'Disposable Everything,' Share New Singles

Watch a video for the title track and hear new single "Dissonance" now
AJJ Announce New Album 'Disposable Everything,' Share New Singles
Phoenix folk punks AJJ have announced their latest album Disposable Everything. The 15-track project will be released on May 26 via Hopeless Records.

Singer Sean Bonnette explained in a statement that AJJ's latest album differs from the typical apocalyptic theme of their work: "A large part of this album is the terrible thing I've been imagining finally happened," he said. "A big theme is my mom's death, which is something I think everyone lives in terror of. But once it happens and you're still alive, you figure out how to move on. It is, in some weird way, our happiest record."

In sharing details of Disposable Everything, the band have also released two new singles to follow last year's "The Baby Panda." The title track — which is accompanied by a music video by Joe Stakun — and "Dissonance" are out now. The visuals for "Disposable Everything" stay on theme, as director of photography Eric Bader captures puppets comprised of junk with lenses MacGyvered of broken camera equipment.

Watch the "Disposable Everything" music video and listen to "Dissonance" below.

Disposable Everything follows 2020's Good Luck Everybody.

Disposable Everything:

1. Strawberry (Probably)
2. Dissonance
3. Moon Valley High
4. Death Machine
5. White Ghosts
6. Disposable Everything
7. Sean
8. The Baby Panda
9. A Thought of You
10. Candles of Love
11. I Hate Rock and Roll Again
12. Schadenfreude
13. I Wanna Be Your Dog 2
14. All of My Woulds
15. In the Valley