Neill Blomkamp Is Writing a 'District 9' Sequel

The director says a 'District 10' screenplay is on the way
Neill Blomkamp Is Writing a 'District 9' Sequel
Over a decade removed from making his feature debut with District 9Neill Blomkamp has shared that work on a long-awaited sequel film has begun.

Shortly after midnight, Blomkamp revealed that he and writing partners Terri Tatchell and Sharlto Copley are in the process of writing a screenplay for District 10.

"District 10 screenplay also being written by [Sharlto Copley] [Terri Tatchell] and I. It's [sic] coming…" the South African-Canadian director wrote on Twitter today. Blomkamp has long expressed interest in making a sequel to District 9, which grossed $211 million worldwide and received four Academy Award nominations upon its 2009 release.

Last year, it was reported that Blomkamp shot an "an under-the-radar supernatural horror" film in British Columbia.