Kevin Smith Building 'Clerks 3' Around a My Chemical Romance Song

The director revealed his new film will be influenced by "Welcome to the Black Parade"
Kevin Smith Building 'Clerks 3' Around a My Chemical Romance Song
Director Kevin Smith has revealed he is basing the third instalment of his Clerks feature films series around the lyrics of a My Chemical Romance song.

Appearing in the latest episode of his own podcast, Fat Man Beyond, he and co-host Marc Bernadin answered a series of listener-submitted queries including the following question: "If you could take a song and build any movie around its lyrics, which song would it be and what would the plot be?"

The director revealed that not only would he use a My Chemical Romance song to create a new movie, but he's also already doing just that.

"'Welcome to the Black Parade' by My Chemical Romance, MCR," Smith said on the podcast. "Such an epic song. I'm building Clerks 3 around that song so this is actually a great question for me right now. Basically, I'm using that as my model."

Last fall, it was revealed that MCR frontman Gerard Way was working with Smith on the soundtrack for the film — Way's first time scoring an entire movie, but not his first foray into soundtrack work. Smith and Way previously worked together on 2014's Tusk, when Way provided a solo track for the soundtrack. 

So far, few other details about Clerks 3 have been revealed. But in an interview with The Wrap, Smith did shed some light on the upcoming feature. Apparently, he gleaned some inspiration for the film when he suffered a heart attack in 2018.

Listen to the full episode of Fat Man Beyond below, and skip to the 1-hour, 16-minute mark to hear Smith speak about MCR.