Jerry Messing of "Fedora Guy" Meme Struggling with Paralysis Following COVID-19 Diagnosis

He has been released from the ICU following more than a month in hospital
Jerry Messing of 'Fedora Guy' Meme Struggling with Paralysis Following COVID-19 Diagnosis
Freaks and Geeks actor Jerry Messing, known as the face of the "Fedora Guy" meme, is out of the ICU — but his COVID-19 battle is far from over.

Messing told TMZ that he has been out of the ICU for about a week and a half. But even though he no longer has a cough or fever — and tests negative for coronavirus — he has been partially paralyzed by the virus. He no longer has full mobility of his arms and legs, and he can't stand or walk without assistance. He's doing physical therapy in Tampa, FL, and his recovery may take some time.

The actor was hospitalized for more than a month and contracted pneumonia.

When he was diagnosed with COVID-19 in August, Messing had received his first dose of the Pfizer vaccine (but not the second). His doctors have reportedly advised him to wait until he has recovered from his current illness — in particular the pneumonia — before getting his next dose of the vaccine.

Jerry played Gordon Crisp on Freaks and Geeks and was Pugsley in the Addams Family Reunion movie. He told TMZ that he was thankful for the public support he has received since his COVID-19 diagnosis and hospitalization.