Ellen Page Blasts Trudeau in Environmental Racism Documentary 'There's Something in the Water'

Her directorial debut is arriving on Netflix
Ellen Page Blasts Trudeau in Environmental Racism Documentary 'There's Something in the Water'
Leading up to the release of her directorial debut, the forthcoming Netflix documentary There's Something in the Water, actor Ellen Page spoke in a new interview about the film and its coverage of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's inadequate handling of environmental issues in Canada.

Inspired by the book of the same name by Ingrid Waldron, the film follows Page back to her Nova Scotian homeland where she speaks with Black and Indigenous communities about their quality of life in the face of environmental neglect.

"Environmental racism is essentially the disproportionate placement of landfills, hazardous industry, et cetera, put next to Indigenous and Black and other marginalized communities," Page told Marc Malkin on The Big Ticket podcast. "And it's also about the slow response of the government."

In the interview, Page spoke at length about her new film, explaining the concept of environmental racism, as well as the prime minister's culpability in the face of these ongoing systemic issues.

"He's not doing a very good job, particularly in regards to environmental issues that affect Indigenous people, and very much supporting corporations that are invading the lands of Indigenous people," she said of the prime minister. "Despite declaring a climate emergency, [he] continues to support these corporations. That's incredibly unfortunate. I most certainly hope that changes."

Additionally, the director spoke about President Donald Trump's contributions to global environmental disaster, calling his continuous denial of climate change "devastating" and destructive.

"It's mind-blowing to me that those with power and influence and significant wealth wouldn't want to do everything they could to stop this," she said.

In terms of what's next for Page, she told Malkin she's ready to continue work on her fittingly apocalyptic acting role in Gerard Way's The Umbrella Academy, as well as her documentary filmmaking career.

"I really gravitate to nonfiction," she said. "In general, that's what I read. I do have such an interest in that space, more in the direction way versus, of course, my job as an actor, which I'm grateful to do and love in the space of fiction."

There's Something in the Water arrives on Netflix tomorrow (March 27).

Listen to the full interview below, where you can also watch the trailer for her new film.