David Fincher May Give Us New 'Mindhunter' Episodes After All

Netflix is reportedly in talks with the filmmaker to revive his cancelled true-crime series
David Fincher May Give Us New 'Mindhunter' Episodes After All
If anything has been made clear throughout the hiatus/cancellation saga of Netflix's Mindhunter series, it's that David Fincher is one fickle dude. After dropping the bomb that he didn't have plans to return to the beloved series for its third season, only to spoil the potential ending, rumours are now circulating that the filmmaker may actually pick the show back up after all.

According to a new report from Small Screen, sources have indicated that Netflix and Fincher have rejoined talks to bring the true-crime drama back to life.

Though negotiations are likely to be rough for Netflix, considering Fincher's top complaint with making Mindhunter was the extreme burnout from the series' gruelling production schedule. Previously, Fincher had taken a break from the series to spend time on his latest film, Mank.

"It's a 90-hour workweek. It absorbs everything in your life," he explained of doing Mindhunter at the time. "When I got done, I was pretty exhausted, and I said, 'I don't know if I have it in me right now to break Season 3.'"

That said, Fincher has already given us an idea of where he planned to take the series, so it's not such a stretch to believe that we could actually have some new episodes heading our way.

"The hope was to get all the way up to the late '90s, early 2000s, hopefully, get all the way up to people knocking on the door at Dennis Rader's house," the showrunner explained last year, adding: "At some point, I'd love to revisit it."

Season 2 had a bunch of hints pointing towards the series' shifting focus to Rader, a.k.a. the BTK Stranger (played by Sonny Valicenti), so if the director cements his plans to return to Mindhunter, fans can likely expect to see more of that.

Mindhunter's second season aired on the streamer back in 2019. Should the series return, we're likely to see Jonathan Groff, Holt McCallany and Anna Torv's characters picking back up in the FBI crime unit responsible for profiling serial killers.