Chris Lilley Brings Back Ja'mie Character for "Woke" Podcast

The Aussie comedian had his shows pulled from Netflix over his depictions of non-white characters last year
Chris Lilley Brings Back Ja'mie Character for 'Woke' Podcast
Last year, controversial Australian comedian Chris Lilley had four of his old TV shows removed from Netflix due to his depictions of non-white characters, his use of blackface and other insensitive or downright harmful scenes. Now, he's seemingly responded to the outcry with a new podcast aimed at woke culture.

Resurrecting his private school character Ja'mie, Lilley has launched a new podcast called Ja'miezing. Based on the show's official Facebook page, it appears to be a satirization of woke culture in some form:

The show will air a new 15-minute segment each week, and the first episode arrive today. And while its premise seems to be something about poking fun at wokeness, the podcast's official notes include links to mental health organizations in Australia, as well as an acknowledgement of Australia's Traditional Owners.