Boots Riley's 'I'm a Virgo' Has Been Picked Up by Amazon

Boots Riley's 'I'm a Virgo' Has Been Picked Up by Amazon
Boots Riley recently announced that his follow-up to Sorry to Bother You would be a television show called I'm a Virgo. Today, the show has been officially obtained by Amazon. 

As previously reported, I'm a Virgo is "about a 13-ft tall Black man who lives in Oakland." The extremely tall man will be played by Jharrel Jerome (MoonlightSelah and the SpadesMr. Mercedes). The series will be broken up into 30-minute episodes.

"I'm thrilled to be working with Amazon on this project," Riley said in a statement. "This show will either have me lauded or banned, and as such, I have demanded payment up front."

"I'm a Virgo is refreshingly original, and there's nothing else like it on television," Amazon COO and co-head of television Albert Cheng added. "No one is quite like Boots, and we're so excited to be working with him and Jharrel on this fantastical, funny, and utterly unique new series. We can't wait for our Prime Video customers to see it."

Stay tuned for more details on I'm a Virgo as they become available.