Tiffany Haddish Found Out She Won a Grammy While Filming 'Kids Say the Darndest Things'

Watch her tearful reaction
Tiffany Haddish Found Out She Won a Grammy While Filming 'Kids Say the Darndest Things'
Tiffany Haddish was filming Kids Say the Darndest Things when she found out she won this year's Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album for Black Mitzvah — and her reaction was pretty priceless.

Producers on the show decided to surprise Haddish with the news while she was filming alongside a pair of young girls named Lauren and Ava on set. In a behind-the-scenes clip of the show, the producers are heard giving Haddish conversation prompts when they sneak in the news about her win.

"I was flooded with such a [sense] of accomplishment and relief," Haddish wrote in a statement. "I kinda didn't know what to say. I just wanted to cry but I knew it would have confused the babies. So I decided to use that moment to teach and share my feelings."

Despite her best efforts, Haddish did appear a little bit teary in the clip, which sees the comedian trying to keep her cool in front of her young guests.

Haddish told the kids on set: "You know a Black woman hasn't won in that category since 1986?"

One responded: "Yes, I learned that from Black History Month."

Haddish added: "Can I tell you why I'm crying? It's a lot of bumpy roads that you cross, right? And it's a lot of times you feel like, am I doing the right thing? Is this good enough? Am I good enough? Am I strong enough to do this job? And then you just have to believe in yourself as much as you can, and against all odds you just say, you know what, I'm gonna just put my best foot forward, and I'm gonna give the world the best that I got. Anything is possible."

Haddish announced that the full episode including her reaction is set to air "very soon" on CBS. 

Watch her heartwarming reaction below.